On June 30th 2018 El Paso, TX Glass Box Theater. Beetle blood had a collection of Art, Music, fashion. I got the chance to speak with the owner of the clothing brand and the vibe of the event was deep on representing the brand. This is what the owner had to say about the meaning of Beetle blood.

“I realize like um, There’s ain’t nobody out here who’s doing anything like that. Really, everything…you know… I notice.. Is um. Like a lot of brands out here shit. like um.. there like um rap oriented. Like the brands go through with just rappers or umm maybe just the Goths some shit. Beetle blood has ALWAYS been for everybody no matter, rappers, rockers, Goths, skaters. It doesn’t fucking matter. That’s the whole point about Beetle blood you know. Name? I don’t know people ask me for the name. There’s no meaning behind the name. I put two words together. um. That’s it. That’s about it.”

Beetle blood started in September 4, 2017 check out their social media for more of their up coming work. Instagram @beetle.blood. Make sure to check out full video of the event.

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