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Hype Brush




Hype Brush the toothbrush that makes your teeth clean, and a refreshing planet. Our products are ecofriendly to the environment when it is disposed of. The hype brush is made from bamboo which is biodegradable and is healthy for our environment and comes with charcoal bristles to give an extra healthy cleaning teeth and gums. Not only that our Hype Brush aims for a better future and not owning the planet but saving the air that we breath, the dirt that we walk and the water that we drink. Paste, Brush, Rinse and Repeat. Live another day with Hype Brush.

Benefits of owning a bamboo toothbrush 

The bamboo toothbrush helps reduce the plastic toothbrushes damaging our environment due to the process of the plastic toothbrush uses petroleum a highly material that needs a lot of energy to be made and in fact it is non-biodegradable like the bamboo toothbrush. Not only that the bamboo helps reduce bacteria on your brush helping to eliminate harmful bacterial on it, which the bamboo provides a long-lasting protection for your teeth and gums.

Pre-Orders will be shipped out on August  8, 2021.